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Bonuglis in the US 01:14 GMT
2 December 2021
As you will be able to see from the directory pages, I have discovered 61 Bonuglis who currently live in the USA - ten more than the number that currently live in Italy. I have been able to discover a great deal of information about Bonuglis in America using the internet, including the following statistic from the 1990 US Census:
87,543rd Most Popular Surname!

I have also been able to contact many Bonuglis living in the United States, and received a great deal of information via this route. I am extremely grateful for all information received, and it is all published on this website, in the correspondence page.

This page has been created as a portal, linking to all of the pages relating to Bonuglis living in the US. To navigate this section, please use the following links:

- all of the information sent to me from various Bonuglis living in America

- Birth, Death, Marriage and Divorce Records for various Bonuglis in America

  Photograph Gallery
- photos of various Bonuglis living in America

  UPDATED - US Directory & location map
- location map & details of 61 Bonuglis who currently live in the US, arranged by state

Family Tree

UPDATED See the Family Tree section of the site for 3 fully updated sections of the US family tree. Further updates coming shortly. copyright © 2000-2005 Paul K. Bonugli top