Filippo's Friendship Document

Our family crest was originally obtained as a sketch by Edward Bonugli from Professor Filippo Bonugli of Genoa University, whilst in Italy, with the British army during the Second World War. It was at this time that Filippo signed the following friendship document with Edward:

Professor Filippo Bonugli

English Translation: For Lt. Edward Bonugli of the courageous English army: kinsman, remember more than a distant family link and certain Italian origin, I offer this modest document as a mark of cordiality and esteem nade in this fortuitous and unique circumstance. Let this be a pledge for a strong and long-lasting relationship between us, in a renewed spirit of solidarity and fraternity, that will tie together for the future our two nations in a way which shall not be broken.

Macerata, 20 September 1944

Thanks to Anna Maria & Francesca Slade for the English translation