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6 May 2021
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Barga is a medieval Tuscan town of about 6000 inhabitants. It lies on a hilltop in the Garfagnana - the portion of the Serchio Valley located within the Province of Lucca. Barga is north of the town of Lucca, a medieval city noted for its amphitheatre, ancient towers and medieval churches. Lucca is about 60 minutes north of Pisa, known worldwide for its Leaning Tower, as well as many other ancient churches and monuments.

Barga, itself, is known for its artistic richness, historic monuments, and mild climate in comparison with much of the country! There is a Cathedral overlooking the whole town, which is surrounded by old city walls.

location of Barga

As you can see from the map above, near to Barga is the small town of Gallicano, and the small commune of Fosciàndora which has just 728 inhabitants. It is from these places that the modern Bonuglis seem to have originated, following the unification of Italy, in the latter half of the nineteenth century, and the loss of Barga's semi-autonomous status and privileges.

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