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2 December 2021
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About the Webmaster... is run and maintained by Paul K. Bonugli. I am a 20 year old Computer Science student, from the UK. The site started out in 2000 as little more than the family crest online, but has now grown to provide a wealth of information on the Bonugli family around the world. The site, itself, is available in English and Italian.

I owe a huge amount of thanks to the many people who have contributed so much to this website.
In particular, my thanks go to the following people:
Paul K. Bonugli
  • Keith Grenville (born John Keith Bonugli) who compiled the original versions of our family tree that I have since transfered onto the site, and been able to significantly update. My thanks go to him, also, for his ongoing encouragement and contributions during the development of the website.
  • Maria Teresa Manca for numerous photographs and updates to the family tree.
  • Marianne Bonugli for huge amounts of research in her creation of a far-improved Northern Ireland section of the Bonugli family tree.
  • Rossi Bonugli for my backup iMac computer, as well as ongoing support of the website.
  • Giuseppe Manca and Gian Piero Sposito from Sardinia for photographs and updated information for the family tree.
  • Francesco Fontana for his help in translating several of the italian pages.
  • Belinda Rodriguez for accessing the 1900 & 1910 US census images detailing members of the family.
  • Mary Lou Bonugli Hill for updated family tree information, and ongoing support of the website.
  • Anna Maria & Francesca Slade for the English translation of various emails and documents.
  • Keane from for allowing me to use images and information from his website, as well as linking to the
  • All of the other family members who have sent emails of encouragement, and supplied me with information for inclusion on the site.


The website was originally formed at the end of March 2000, hosted with Geocities, but moved to on 28th August 2000, registered with Namezero. Since February 8th 2002, has been hosted with The domain is registered through sister-company Nameroute. The legal registrant of the domain is myself - Paul K. Bonugli.

Currently hosted with Hostroute, the site lives on a Linux server in the US, running the Apache server system. I have a 50mb hosting package. Uploads are possible via a web-interface, or FTP, and I also use SSI to execute commands directly on the server.


The front-end of the website has been entirely hand-coded (rather than using a WYSIWIG editor such as Frontpage or Dreamweaver) by myself in HTML. It should all validate as HTML 4.01 transitional, with the W3C. Formatting is implemented using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and client-side scripting with JavaScript. Server-side includes (SSI) are used on the majority of otherwise static pages (hence the .shtml extension) to add the navigation bar, as well as the date and time, when the page is served. You may not have noticed, but the map in the top right-hand corner is also live-updating, to reflect the current positioning of daylight, around the world.

A number of more recent pages have been written in the Perl programming language, and are run as server-side CGI scripts. This has enabled the addition of much more dynamic content, such as the forthcoming Discussion board. For copyright and security reasons, I am not willing to disclose any of my Perl source code. The discussion board started life as part of my A-level Computing Project. Submission of the "Contact Me" form, is based around the FormMail script, by Matt Wright.

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My web browsers of choice are Safari under Mac OS X, and Mozilla Firefox under Windows XP (with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 for use when required). The site has also been tested under Mac OS 9.2, Windows 98, RedHat and SuSE Linux, and using Internet Explorer 5, Netscape 6, Netscape Communicator, Opera, Mozilla (Linux), and iCab (Mac). It doesn't look too bad in the Lynx text-based browser either! :o)

Get Firefox!

Most image maniuplation has been carried out using the excellent Adobe Photoshop 7, either under OS X or Win XP. Latest versions of the family tree are generated using Reunion 8 (again, a Mac only piece of software). Previous versions of the tree (and unfortunately some sections have yet to be updated!) were created using an old version of Softkey Family Tree software (no longer available) running under Windows 98. Emails are accessed predominantly through Microsoft Outlook.

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