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1 December 2021

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The Bonugli family probably originated from the Romagna region of Italy over 700 years ago, and in particular were widely known around Forli at the start of the fourteenth century, although the modern-day Bonuglis are likely to have originated from a region of Tuscany north of Lucca. More information about this, and the development of the surname Bonugli from the French Bonneuil is included in the section about the origins of the surname. I have a map detailing the current location of Bonuglis throughout Italy, and the US, and this is included in the directory section, along with a list of names and addresses of over 150 Bonuglis around the world. I also have a copy of our family coat-of-arms, which originally came from a sketch drawn by Professor Filippo Bonugli, and was obtained by Edward Bonugli whilst in Italy during the war.

I have a very detailed copy of the Bonugli family tree which, at the moment, is separated into nine different sections although they must, surely, be linked in some way. You can also access photos of family members in the photograph section of the site. In addition to photographs there is also a concise version of the family tree, and any other information which I have about the person concerned. For any of the living relatives, I have also tried to include a message which has been written by them, detailing their hobbies and interests. According to the 1990 US census, Bonugli is the 87,543rd most popular surname in the United States. Details of all information relating to American members of the Bonugli family, can be found in the US section of this site.

If you are able to contribute any information which could be added to the website, I would greatly appreciate it. Any updates to the tree, even just a date would be very helpful! If you send a photograph and/or some information about yourself, I will add you to the gallery and directory sections of the site. Any comments or further information can be sent to me via an online contact form, or emailed to me: Finally, there are many people who have helped to contribute towards this site, all of which are thanked in the site info section. In particular, I would like to thank Keith Grenville, who originally compiled our family tree, Maria Teresa from Sardinia who has sent me many photos, and information, and all of the US Bonuglis who have sent information.

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